Quantum Sequencing™: The genetic code, unlocked by physicsQuantum Sequencing™: The genetic code, unlocked by physics

Quantum Biosystems


Our mission is to unlock the vast untapped value of genetic information through the development of innovative sequencers. This information has the power to transform biological research, improve knowledge of health and disease, and harness any genome in the challenge to address urgent global needs for food, fuel and healthcare.

At Quantum Biosystems, we are pioneering the development of innovative sequencers based on quantum mechanics. Quantum-based sequencing technologies are widely regarded as impractical, but our team at Quantum Biosystems is transforming them into a viable platform for DNA sequencing.

Our proprietary Quantum Sequencing™ technology achieves single molecule electrical DNA sequencing by integrating cutting edge silicon technology and a sophisticated electric detection system into breakthrough approaches to life sciences. This platform allows disruptively label-free, low-cost, high-throughput, and real-time analysis with no need for complex sample preparation, detection, or analysis.


独自のQuantum Sequencing™技術は、最先端の半導体微細加工技術と高感度電流測定システムを活用し、1分子DNAシークエンシングと呼ばれる、ライフサイエンスの革新的プラットフォームを提供します。このプラットフォームは、従来の複雑なサンプル調製、検出、または分析を必要とせず、ラベルフリー、低コスト、高速処理によるリアルタイム分析を可能にします。
Pico x Nano => Tera := Life

Picoamperes. Nanogaps. Terabytes of Life data.ピコアンペアとナノギャップの生み出すテラバイトのDNA情報

In 1958, Reona “Leo” Esaki, a Japanese physicist working for Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (now Sony), invented a new diode based on the quantum mechanical effect known as tunneling. Leo Esaki shared the 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of the phenomenon of electron tunneling. His tunnel diode, also called the Esaki diode, was an innovation that would transform the history of electronics.

The tunneling effect, or quantum tunneling, is a phenomenon whereby a microscopic particle uses quantum effects to “tunnel through” a potential energy barrier. We use the dependence of current magnitude on the physical properties of an object to decrypt DNA sequence information.

To achieve single molecule sequencing, our devices travel on a data journey from pico and nano right through to the tera realm. Pico-level sensitivity is required to differentiate tunnel currents to identify bases. The controls to adjust the diameter of the nanogates through which DNA and RNA pass must have nano-level sensitivity. And the data generated by measuring tunnel current requires terabyte-level storage to enable bioinformatics analysis.

Soaring beyond physics, Quantum Sequencing™ is now poised to bring disruptive innovation to the life sciences, and extraordinary benefits to the world.


1分子DNA解析を実現するために、当社のデバイスは、ピコ及びナノ領域の技術から生み出されるテラ領域を超えるデータ処理を行う必要があります。塩基を識別するためのトンネル電流には、ピコ(アンペア)レベルの感度が必要とされます。また、 DNA及びRNAが通過するナノギャップ電極を調整するには、ナノ(メートル)レベルの精度が必要です。さらに、トンネル電流を測定することにより生成されたデータの解析には、テラ(バイト)を超えていく大量データのバイオインフォマティックス解析技術が必要となります。

物理学の領域を超えて、Quantum Sequencing™は現在のライフサイエンスに破壊的イノベーションをもたらし、世界に計り知れないインパクトを与えようとしています。